The Red River Revel announces a new feature, sponsored by HiTech Computers, to provide festival goers with RFID wristbands as a convenient payment option for food and beverages. Instead of purchasing paper coupons to use as currency, Revelers can load the coupons on a stylish “Revel Band” that will maintain a balance and can be simply “tapped” to a device to purchase goods. Using a wristband also allows the user to request a refund for unspent coupons at the conclusion of the festival.

 This technology offers a seamless experience for Revelers to purchase food and drinks that will shorten lines and improve the overall festival experience. “Revel Bands are a major asset to the festival,” said Red River Revel Executive Director, Logan Lewis. “Bringing this technology to our historic festival will give us insights into what Revelers are buying, reduce the risk of fraud and theft, and reduce the amount of peoplepower we spend each year counting and reconciling coupon sales. The efficiency of this technology allows the Revel to focus more energy on the customer experience and direct more volunteer hours to needed areas. In addition, it is exciting to finally have an option to refund unspent coupons for the first time in Revel history.”

 Paper coupons will still be offered as Revel currency this year and can be purchased with cash only. But as has been historical policy, paper coupons cannot be exchanged for refunds. There will be no cost to Revelers to use the wristband, and cash, credit or debit payments made to load coupons on to the wristbands carry no additional fees. A small fee will be applied for refunds. Revel Bands’ RFID payment technology will make food and beverage transactions simple, faster, convenient, and more fun.

 “I love it for my kids,” said Red River Revel Director of Marketing, Emerie Eck Gentry. “To be able to give each one a wristband and let them make their own purchases is great. I won’t worry about them losing a handful of coupons but also know they will learn something about budgeting in the process.”

 HiTech Computers is assisting the initiative by providing hardware and networking solutions to make the process efficient and seamless. Founded in Ruston, LA in 1997, HiTech Computers offers PC and networking solutions to businesses across the region.


“I applaud the Red River Revel Governing board,” Lewis said, “for having the vision and foresight to see around the corner to the next era of this arts festival. And our vendors, the non-profits and local restaurants who use Revel concessions as fundraisers, will absolutely love this as well. The speed of transactions is great for them, as well as the time they will save counting coupons. But most of all, each food booth will have a device with a customized menu and reports that will grant insight into what items Revelers are buying the most. It really is a win-win all around.”

Created in 1976, the Red River Revel is a 9-day annual arts festival in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana at Festival Plaza. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Red River Revel’s primary function is a showcase of the arts and ongoing arts education. Each October, the event attracts a diverse national audience of over 75,000 attendees, 75+ original art booths, and over 30 local/regional/national live music performances. As a community partner, the Revel employs local non-profits at develop exciting food options that also serve as a fundraiser for the 12 non-profits who participate. During the week, thousands of 4th grade students attend the Revel to participate in an arts educational workshop, create their own art, and experience performances and seminars from the artists themselves. The 46th Annual Red River Revel is scheduled for October 1st – 9th, 2022. For more information, visit or follow the Revel on Facebook and Instagram at @RedRiverRevel.