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October 1-9, 2022


Festival Plaza
101 Crockett St.

Allison Rhymes Designs

I specialize in Jewelry, Oil/Acrylics

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Allison Rhymes Designs brings you a full line of oyster shell jewelry & accessories. Allison carefully selects each oyster shell, then cleans, shapes, gilds, & polishes each one by hand. The tiny oyster shells become the jewels and are the focal pieces of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and various other art and accessories including purses, blessing beads, trinket dishes and much more. The beauty of these oyster shell jewels rival that of the pearl. While oysters are a treasured part of our Louisiana culture, they mean even more to Allison. The oyster shell creates beautiful pearls from the impurities that attack it. Each oyster shell that she sells comes with a card that tells the story of how the oyster reflects the Lord’s grace in our lives, creating beauty within each of us through our trials & hurts. Allison’s full line of oyster shell jewelry can be found at The Gilded Oyster on Montrose 818 Montrose, Shreveport 71106. This charming little shop is a hidden treasure off of Line Ave that you do not want to miss. You can also check out her work on her Facebook pages Allison Rhymes Designs and The Gilded Oyster on Montrose or on Instagram at Allison Rhymes Designs. You can shop on her website at: https://allison-rhymes-designs.myshopify.com/
Allison can be contacted by phone at 318-773-5712.
“I am so excited to be a part of Red River Revel for the third time this year! Our area is so blessed to host such an amazing event. I’m always amazed at how far other exhibitors and attendees travel to be a part of an event that is in our backyards.”

A sample of what we will have at the Revel:

My Art

My Art

My Art

My Art