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October 1-9, 2022


Festival Plaza
101 Crockett St.

IDJV Art and Jewelry

I specialize in Computer/Generated Art, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Oil/Acrylics, Other

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As an immigrant and Filipino-American artist, my work is reflection of my experiences, travel, and adaptation of two cultures for over two decades. Having lived in the Philippines during my early childhood, I tie in my life in the tropics with my current life in Louisiana in my work. The fearlessly colorful abstract nature of my pieces allows me to convey and capture both the warm and happy Filipino spirit and the bold and vibrant culture of Louisiana.

I was born in Manila, Philippines to an academic and creative family. Growing up, my parents have instilled in me a love of culture and art by allowing me to experience them first hand by traveling to Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In 2005 my family settled in New Orleans just one month before Hurricane Katrina struck the city. I received my BS in Psychology from LSU in 2016 and went on to get an MS in Biology the following year. While in graduate school, I had the opportunity to train as sushi chef and subsequently work as one at a local restaurant. Following graduation, I worked for several years in the emergency department up until the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

While I was working in the hospital, IDJV was a way for me to unwind and express my experiences through art. I always had a love for creating and have experimented with various media throughout the years including painting, jewelry, and ceramics. It was during the early phase of the lockdown that I decided to pursue my work at IDJV Art and Jewelry full time. IDJV stands for my name, Isabelle De Joya Vea, which makes a sentence. “Isa” means “one” in Tagalog. “Belle” is “beautiful” in French. “De Joya” means “of jewel” in Spanish, and my last name “Vea” is from the Spanish word “ver” which means “to see”. If you put it all together you can make the sentence “a beautiful jewel to see”. This is a core aspect in my art and jewelry. I bring together an eclectic array of textures, techniques, and materials in each piece that I produce. I often feature Louisiana or Philippine flora in my pieces with an added multi dimensional aspect that allows the viewer to lean in closer and explore the terrain of the artwork’s surface. Each IDJV piece of art is guided with an innate emotion of joyous vibrancy and with the concept that life is about blooming where you are planted. By layering bold and contrasting colors step by step, it allows to build a foundation for playful connections between different textures.

I have been so thankful to be able to pursue being a full-time artist for the past 2 years. I am constantly building different elements to IDJV Art and Jewelry while delivering dopamine-inducing pieces. I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the wonderful people who have come see my work. Each person I encounter is a gift and inspiration to what lies ahead. Having someone connect with my art is truly what makes my work enriching. By making these pieces I want people to feel the culture, warm spirit, and happiness and remind them to have a fearlessly colorful life.

A sample of what we will have at the Revel:

My Art

My Art

My Art

My Art