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October 1-9, 2022


Festival Plaza
101 Crockett St.

Martin J. Benoit, WFA * Louisiana Ink Art

I specialize in Drawing, Mixed Media, Watercolor

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Martin J Benoit (his last name rhymes with "Renoir") has been capturing the images of his world in pen-and-ink since the early 1980's. He first became interested in art at the impressionable age of eight while watching an artist work at a theme park. His first pen-and-ink work was for his own home in 1983. Over the years since, he has fine-tuned his highly-detailed ink works to produce drawings of intense detail. Viewed from a few feet or across the room, the incredible detail of Martin's work gives life and depth to the drawings.

Martin works with a very fine-tipped technical pen. After composing a scene, he spends hours in preliminary pencil sketching. Every line is measured and calculated to produce a drawing of exact proportions. It takes an average of an hour per square inch to complete an original ink drawing. During the inking process, Martin will work inches from the drawing surface. The basic outline of the subject matter may require many days to do while the incredible detail of dots and lines that give the drawing life takes weeks and, on occasion, months to complete.

In his over 30-plus years as an artist, Martin has honed his craft, driving himself to produce the beautifully-detailed works for which he is known, all in the realm of pen-and-ink.

A sample of what we will have at the Revel:

My Art

My Art

My Art

My Art