Daniel Myers

I specialize in Computer Generated Art, Drawing, Graphics & Printmaking, Oil & Acrylics, and Watercolor

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My name is Daniel Myers. I’m a multimedia artist born and raised in Louisiana. My traditional art consists of heavily rendered figures infused with bright, unexpected color and features a variety of subjects. My inspiration comes from multiple sources: Louisiana life, the world around me, pop culture, nature and so on. Although it is hard to beat the satisfaction of finishing a piece, I found the methodical process of creating the art to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do. The constant reassessment, reworking, and refining my subjects can be repetitive and sometimes frustrating, but I love it. This is evident in the level of detail in my work. A strong drawing always starts as the base of my pieces, then I add color using gouache, watercolor, or acrylic paint, and finally refine with colored pencil and pastel. In addition to my traditional art, I’m also a graphic designer and illustrator. I was always inspired by gig and movie posters, so I learned how to make my own. I combine my illustrations/art, custom typography, and personal photographs to create posters inspired by Louisiana cities, my favorite musicians, and anything else really. Although the subject matter of my work varies greatly, they are linked by my realistic drawing style and eye for interesting color and composition.


A sample of what we will have at the Revel: