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October 1-9, 2022


Festival Plaza
101 Crockett St.

Christine Stebbins

I specialize in Mixed Media, Wood, Other

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All of my items are one of a kind creations from mainly local wood species combined with epoxy colors and techniques, this year we have added a twist to some of our items by adding poured acrylic paints and then covering in epoxy to bring out the vibrancy in the colors but giving it the durability to last for years and years. I make a variety of custom table sizes, “dirty marble boards”, charcuterie boards, lazy susans, coaster sets, tribute boards and a few other odds and ends. My passion is bringing out the natural beauty of the wood while enhancing it with the epoxy. Custom orders are available and encouraged. Christine Stebbins


A sample of what we will have at the Revel:


My Art


My Art


My Art


My Art