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October 1-9, 2022


Festival Plaza
101 Crockett St.

Lorrie Drennan

I was about two years old when I first felt the stirrings of art in my soul. From that point on, art has always been a part of my life in one way or another.
When I was in my mid 40’s I had my first experience painting with oils. That has been my medium of choice ever since.
I create thick, rich paintings of familiar scenes created to spark a fond memory or elicit an emotional connection from the viewer. I feel that my work reflects my life and is filled with light, happiness and movement. I love to travel and spicy bits from places such as New Orleans, Hawaii, and Italy always find their way into my work, as does the beauty of our natural, everyday world.
I continue to develop, grow and revel in God’s gift of art as I enjoy life and look to learn something new every day.